Developing a world class sales process

Norway-based cruise company Hurtigruten is reaching new horizons in Exploration travel with its intelligent and talented team of customer sales representatives. They needed a sales process that reflected and nurtured this calibre of skill across their sales centre in order to continue to deliver very special customer experiences in five international markets.

Rather than deliver a traditional off-the-shelf solution, INFLUENCE AT WORK worked in collaboration with Hurtigruten to deliver a bespoke solution that incorporated scientifically validated influence and persuasion principles at every stage of the sales process.

INFLUENCE AT WORK created a full suite of training materials, including Leader Guides, audio and visual assets translated into four languages to embed this new sales approach across the organisation and increase selling success.

INFLUENCE AT WORK and Hurtigruten continue to collaborate with the recent roll out of a sales testing programme to investigate how sales can be optimised using behavioural insights with customers actually on board their fleet of ships.

From 2015 to present
Consultancy & Training