Reducing fare evasion

LUAS, Dublin's light rail network, is an extremely popular and well-loved transit system. Every year it carries over 34 million passengers in a timely, efficient and safe way on modern spacious state-of-the-art trams. Even though the overwhelming majority of passengers do the right thing and pay their fare a small minority do not, to the detriment of the transport system, the train operator and the millions of honest fare-paying passengers.

Using insights from behavioural economics and the psychology of persuasion INFLUENCE AT WORK conducted an initial investigation that pinpointed nearly 40 potential interventions to tackle the problem. A programme of work is now ongoing that includes the running of a social norms experiment, a programme to change public perceptions that evaders are cheaters, a redesign of the penalty fares system, staff training and a social media and communication campaign.  The Results are encouraging. Over the last 40 weeks we have measured a 16.2% reduction in fare evasion compared to the previous year.

Transdev Ireland - LUAS
From 2015 to present