Human behaviour sits at the heart of meaningful change. Whether you make policy, shape culture or drive performance, it’s how (and how many) people respond that determines your success.

From reducing fare evasion to increasing customer satisfaction. From staff engagement programmes to persuading people to get a vaccine. Or simply just increasing sales. We can help.

Our Full Cycle Approach is taught at Columbia Business School. While it’s based in academic rigour, we pride ourselves on our practical application. We are fast, nimble, and flexible. Given our position and reputation, we can provide you access to the authors as well as to other world-leading experts in the field. We hold ourselves and our clients to high ethical standards based on honesty and individual choice. Most importantly, our work is tailored to your goals, and we get results. Whatever the ask, we want to leave our clients stronger than when we arrived.

Behavioural Science is increasingly recognised as a critical tool for change and as we work with you, we will develop your own capabilities. We have even helped clients create their own behaviour change dream team. For some examples of our work, click here.

Training Workshops, Webinars & Key Note Talks

If you and your company are interested in becoming more effective at influencing and persuading others in sustainable and ethical ways, we offer a number of programmes and workshops based on our bestselling books that can be customised for you.

  • Behavioural Science in Practice Workshop is based on our Columbia Business School executive programme. It is an immersive workshop that provides a deep understanding of behavioural science for business and the tools to implement and measure its impact. Duration: 3 days
  • Principles of Persuasion Programme is our flagship and most popular programme. It explores the 6 Universal Principles of Persuasion. The programme is customized to your specific influence and behaviour change challenges. Duration: 1.5 to 2 days
  • Science of Yes Workshop will make you a more influential and persuasive communicator. Perfect for sales and marketing team meetings. Duration: 1 day
  • Moment Maker Programme is our workshop based on Robert Cialdini’ s latest work, Pre-Suasion. Learn how to arrange for an audience to be receptive to your message before they’ve even heard it. Duration: 1 day

If you are organising a conference or webinar, our authors, Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini, can deliver a highly relevant, memorable and actionable key note talk.

We can also incorporate our Influence Programmes and Modules into your Leadership, Future Leader and Talent Development programmes as part of your organisation’s broader Learning & Development strategy.

And if you would like to develop greater internal expertise in influence, persuasion, behavioural science and behavioural economics then that’s no problem either. We can run a ‘train-the-trainer’ programme and license our workshops and supporting programmes to your organisation. Whatever kind of organisation you are, if you have a specific project or a broader challenge that involves influencing and persuading others, then we would love to talk with you because we’ll probably be able to help.

“The dream team of persuasion science”

Dan Pink

“One of the most valuable learning programmes I have been on.”


“We’ve worked with INFLUENCE AT WORK on a number of training events that have always been of the highest quality and very well received”

American Express Global Business Travel

“A great approach. I love the fact that the approaches are backed up with evidence

General Electric (GE)