Like most companies, Anglian Water puts a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources into making sure that every one of its four million customers receives the best possible service. The principle way that customer satisfaction is measured is via surveys the water regulator OFWAT carries out for all water companies.

This can present a problem though. As any persuasion researcher will tell you, people typically don’t remember every detail of their experience. Instead what looms largest in people’s memory is either the high (or low) point of an experience and what happens at the very end. As a result, customer satisfaction surveys record people’s memories of the experience they had but not necessarily the experience itself.

What We Did

In collaboration with Anglian Water managers and supervisors INFLUENCE AT WORK identified specific ‘moments’ in customer interactions when an opportunity to provide a great customer experience that would be etched into their memory existed. We then worked with team leaders to design a series of workshops that they rolled out to over 400 engineers and customer service staff.


The series of workshops and tools provided to enhance customer interactions made a positive impact with first quarterly service results being the best Anglian Water have ever had.


Anglian Water


Consultancy & Training

“We got our Quarterly Service results back today for this year. They are the best results we have ever had. Based on the last quarter they will put us at first place in the industry! My team plays a lead role in the operational response for the company and packed with INFLUENCE AT WORK insights! Thank you. I can’t tell you how much these results mean to the company.”

Head of Operational Service Delivery